A Perfect Escape
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Nicole Richie filling out an online dating profile for her friend Erin. 



Dexter put in work.


Dexter put in work.

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"for every hour you spend in class, you should be spending three hours studying" how bout i take a nap instead

There are some people you’ll never see again. At least, not in the same way.
I Wrote This For You, Iain S. Thomas  (via golden-needle)

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high tide and low tide in great britain. photographs by michael marten

I want us to make each other better.
someone you should probably hold on to (via braided-funk)


Your body is made of the same elements that lionesses are built from. Three quarters of you is the same kind of water that beats rocks to rubble, wears stones away. Your DNA translates into the same twenty amino acids that wolf genes code for. When you look in the mirror and feel weak, remember, the air you breathe in fuels forest fires capable of destroying everything they touch. On the days you feel ugly, remember: diamonds are only carbon. You are so much more.

  • Men: Not ALL men.
  • Men to their daughters: Yes, all men. Every single one of them.

I’ll just watch one

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